Andrew Kent – 10 Seeds

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This heirloom variety comes from Scotland, via Maine. Large kidney beans with red streaks on a buff background. Good for fresh shelling and dry. Found at a seed swap, kept growing by Leonard Alexander on North Haven Island, Maine. Excellent for soup and baked beans. This species of beans is a favorite for the home garden and can be grown just about anywhere because they have a relatively short growing season. A 1m tall plant with white/ lilac flowers followed by many flat straight beans in mid-January. Sow 1cm deep mid-November after last frosts, 20cm apart 30cm in between the rows, feed with COF and liquid feed with fish emulsion to keep nitrogen available. Water well throughout the growing season.   To control harvest, bush beans can be planted every two weeks. To decide how many crops you can plant, divide your growing season by the maturation period of the variety you are planting. When preparing soil, be sure not to mix in too much nitrogen (5-10-10 is best) or you will get all plant and no beans

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