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Multi-Coloured Quinoa

$4.95/10 seeds

Rare edible.

This is a selection of white, red purple and lilac flowered quinoa which set heavy early seeds that is cultivated in the highlands of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. The Inca Emporers broke the soil with a golden spade to sow the first crop. In their language it is referred to as chisiya mama or mother grain. It is very high in protein.

Sowing: Quinoa needs a well prepared seed bed free from weeds, especially fat hen which is in the same family and can be a serious problem with the cropping programme. Quinoa does not tolerate poorly drained soils. Scatter the seeds and lightly rake in, water lightly. When germinated it grows very fast, our selection matures in 90 days. We will scarify the seeds for you prior to sending. The plants are pulled up when the seeds are plump and ripe and the stems dying back. For cooking find the many recipes on the web, it really is a delicious dish as a starter or a main course.

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Additional information

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Spring, Summer

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