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Early Zucchini

We trialled this variety out of curiosity and discovered it really is very early to fruit even when the nights are cool, it is parthenocarpic, which means it flowers and fruits early even in cool weather. This is a fine flavoured soft skinned pale green variety. Prepare soil by raking in COF, sow three seeds in thumb like depressions in early/mid November when soils are warming up and after last frosts, water lightly in, when the plants are about 10cm tall base dress with a table spoon of COF. The plants will begin to produce fruits prolifically about mid December and continue into February, harvest when they are about 18cm long.

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Golden f1 Zucchini

Uniform yellow. Sweet rich flavour. Earlier than Goldrush, prolific, 21cm long, cylindrical, blunt ends. Sow in mid November after frosts. Rake in a layer of manure. Make a round hill 45cm diameter. Press down the centre of the hill with fist, place 4 seeds in. Cover with lose soil. Do not water until germination. At seedling stage thin to 2 seedlings and water. A black plastic mulch is recommended for colder soils

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Zucchini f1 (black jack type)

Attractive, glossy and very dark green, slender fruit. Excellent vigour and improved yield. Compact bush. Sow; start indoors or in a hot house 3 weeks before the last frost. For best result transplant prior to the second set of leaves. Work in complete fertilizer around each plant. Soil temperature needs to be 16ºC. Five to 10 days to germinate. Sow directly in to the soil in mid Nov, 2.5cm deep, 50cm apart. Too much moisture causes seed rot.

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