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Beautiful Brown Onion

This onion is sweet, mild and of good size, and thin skinned. Yellow to brown skin. Used as a salad onion. Sow 1.5cm deep in rows 45cm apart in cultivated weed free soil,. Do not fertilize. Sow late April until end May, sow in April in cold districts as cold can check growth rate. In August transplant to 12cm apart and side dress with COF. Harvest when the tops droop, approx. December. Side dress with complete organic fertilizer. Harvest around November/December.

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Red Onion f1 hybrid

This variety is a short day/semi long day hybrid. Beautiful dark red, shiny skin, very suitable for long storage. Strong flavour. Good bolting resistance. Sow between September and November in seed trays, preferably under a cloche if sown early, 5 mm deep. If in the open ground work in a spade full of complete organic fertiliser per 10 m² and rake in well rotted compost and sow 5 mm deep. When transplanting seedling from seed tray sow 7 cm apart. Harvest from January, but can stay in ground.

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Sweet Red Onion f1 Hybrid

This variety is sweet, mild, tasty with a thin skin, up to 15 cm diameter. Can keep for up to 8 months. Sow 5mm deep in a furrow 45 cm apart. Needs weed free well cultivated soil. Do not fertilise. Sow end April to end May in colder districts as cold weather can slow the growth rate. In August transplant to 15cm apart and side dress with COF. Harvest when the tops droop, approx. Dec.

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Straight Leaf Spring Onion f1 Hybrid

A top quality Spring onion with unique flavour. Cultivation: Sow from Sept until Feb. Prepare a raised bed by adding mushroom compost, complete fertilizer and bone meal. Dig in and rake level. Sow seed thinly in 5 mm dills covered with fine soil.

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