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Red Onion f1 hybrid

This variety is a short day/semi long day hybrid. Beautiful dark red, shiny skin, very suitable for long storage. Strong flavour. Good bolting resistance. Sow between September and November in seed trays, preferably under a cloche if sown early, 5 mm deep. If in the open ground work in a spade full of complete organic fertiliser per 10 m² and rake in well rotted compost and sow 5 mm deep. When transplanting seedling from seed tray sow 7 cm apart. Harvest from January, but can stay in ground.

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Straight Leaf Spring Onion f1 Hybrid

A top quality Spring onion with unique flavour. Cultivation: Sow from Sept until Feb. Prepare a raised bed by adding mushroom compost, complete fertilizer and bone meal. Dig in and rake level. Sow seed thinly in 5 mm dills covered with fine soil.

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