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Beetroot ‘Baby’

Excellent variety, dark red interior, strong growth, resistant to bolting and disease. Lovely sweet flavour. Suitable for Tasmanian growing conditions.Sow in well prepared seed bed with a Complete Organic Fertiliser raked in. Sow from September to March, in shallow dills, 1 cm apart and with 30 cm between rows. Thin out when 4 – 5 cm tall. 74 day maturity. Trace elements are beneficial for crops.

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A large golden root approx. 40cm across with 30 cm tops, used for cattle fodder and particularly nutritious for pigs. The root and the bitter leaves are not very palatable to humans, however some say they like the flavour of the leaves and make the roots into soups. Sow from Sept to March in shallow dills 1 cm apart and 30 cm between the rows. Thin out when 4 – 5 cm tall. Add 100g COF per sqm.

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