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Cressy Edamame

Mid season, handsome 45cm plant producing small purple flowers followed by high yields end February. Harvest mid/end March. This is one of the best vegetable varieties that can be grown by the home gardener. It grows into a small bush with pods forming along the stem, and these are harvested when the seed has filled out. Either shelled or green pod, boiled in salt water and eaten warm or cooled and put into a salad. With nearly 40% protein they are the green dynamite of human nutrition.

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Anastasia Soy

Early/mid season variety , 45cm strong bush, producing high yields of beans early/mid February. Harvest mid/end March. This black seeded soy is loaded with anthocyanins and research conducted in Japan over the last 15 years has shown that these compounds have an anti-cancer quality. This cultivar is easy to grow in most cool climates as it matures early. It can be used as a green vegetable but better utilised as a dry bean.

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Classic Soy

Very early variety. 45cm tall strong bush, flowers purple, forms high yields of 5cm full beans mid February, harvest mid March.

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Very early variety 60cm tall strong bush producing an abundance of purple white flowers followed by high yields of 5cm beans mid February, harvest mid/end March.

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