Welcome to inspirations vegetable seeds

Inspirations Garden Centre in Exeter is now closed.

Please bear with us whilst we build our new web site. We are painfully aware this web site is now out of date. We are still happily selling our supersonic vegie seeds online on this web site however.

Inspirations vegetable seeds offers the home gardener a select range of vegetable seeds of early productive gourmet varieties which we  grow extensively and are selected  from our trial work in our quarter acre trials garden. These vegetable seeds are perfect for the cool maritime climate of Tasmania and other similar regions. We now offer heritage and selected vegetable seed varieties that we know will perform well and give the home gardener success every time.

Inspirations Garden Centre - Vegetable Seeds Specialists

Our vegetable seeds range is available here on line or through our retail outlet, INSPIRATIONS GARDEN CENTRE. Inspirations is a family run, wholly Tasmanian owned and operated garden centre in the stunning Tamar Valley in northern Tasmania.  Established for well over 15 years David and Janette Kenyon are the manager/owners of this successful small business located on the western side of the Tamar River. We look forward to welcoming you at the garden centre and offering quality service and advice about our vegetable seed range and any other products.

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