seed growing information

Inspirations quality seeds for the home gardener are F1 hybrids or selected open pollinated varieties; some are treated with a fungicide, some are grown organically. Selection of heirloom seeds is a work in progress for us.

Inspirations F1 hybrids seed
These are seeds that have been crossed to produce uniform plants with one or more improved characteristics. Inspirations have trialed many F1 vegetable varieties and selected the best performers, and best flavour for the home gardener in your region. F1 hybrids can produce seed, contrary to popular belief, and if you are clever and have the time you can select your own variety with the desired characteristics of the original but no longer have F1 seed!

Inspirations Open pollinated selected varieties
These seeds produce true to type, you can save them and they will produce plants identical to their parents. Inspirations have trialed and selected the best Open Pollinated varieties for the home gardener for flavour, vigour and adaptation to growing in your region.

Treated seeds
Some of Inspirations seeds are treated with a fungicide. This is to comply with strict quarantine laws in Tasmania and to protect our export markets. We respect the laws and abide by them, in return we offer you the seeds of high germination; the best seeds sourced from all over the World suited to Tasmania and Southern Victoria. Treated seed does not damage the environment, in fact it protects the plant. If you are concerned please wash your hands after handling treated seeds. These seeds are meant for sowing only.

Organically grown seeds
These are seeds produced from plants grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These seeds may be treated or may not be treated.